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Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath is one of those anime characters almost everyone loves to hate but actually grows on them. I say almost because I instantly fell in love with her watching the series. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a sadistic, blue haired, over powered General! ( Got to love a good uniform, am I right?) The kicker to her back story is the moment she decides to give love a chance she falls in love with her enemy’s newest addition Tatsumi. From there you see how sweet she can be but still unapologetically sadistic in getting him to be hers. After all that I still loved her and thought to myself ” well I have not worn a uniform costume before and I’d sure like to be the strongest General so LETS GO FOR IT!”


How I made it

This was probably the easiest costume ever. I bought the dress and hat off of Amazon, knowing I would have to alter it to have the costume done in time for Otakcon on top of working on a commission. Once I got the costume I tried it on and marked to take in at the waist but as much as I would have loved to only take in the waist since it was a pleated dress and I have a long torso I had to take apart all of the panels of the dress and take it in all around instead of just the back seams so it would lay properly once it was worn. Boots were the next hurdle, a wonderful friend of mine Andre had gifted me a pair of boots of my amazon wishlist earlier in the year that were perfect for the costume so all I had to do was create the top boot fold over out of a faux leather and makes the holes to tie up the front. I think the biggest amount of work that went into pulling this whole costume together was really adjusting my makeup techniques to truly turn myself into Esdeath, two makeup tests later and I had my final product and was ready to hit the con floor just in time!


Conventions debut

Otakon 2015

Photo Cred in order

John Jiao Photography, Dave Yang Photography, Anna Cosplay Photography


August 3, 2015